Member: Sean
Sep 10 2018
Member: User_ccj8xd
Sep 6 2018
Member: KJ1001
Came back to me w new info on new person I had never spoken to him was all accurate! And, made prediction so we will see :)
Sep 5 2018
Member: Earthnote8
THanks MIke!!
Sep 4 2018
Member: User_cnqscv
Thank you beautiful reading :)
Sep 2 2018
Member: Sean
Sep 2 2018
Member: User_6370292
Aug 31 2018
Member: aquarius55
Aug 31 2018
Member: jrowe5411
Excellent and fast typist too!
Aug 30 2018
Member: atacrossroads
Amazing reading from Michael..absolutely fantastic and sincere of him to guide me through my struggles. Thank you once again for your patience with me.
Aug 29 2018

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