Member: User_5315759
I don’t think we connected and my question was never really answered. I’m kind of disappointed. I don’t think it’s her fault. We just didn’t click. I’m sure she’s a wonderful reader for everybody else
Sep 25 2023
Member: Tulip
Thank you so much. Awesome reading!
Sep 14 2023
Member: User_813278
ZELLAAA IS ONE OF THEE BEST ON HERE..shes honest caring and predictions do come.true my girrrrllllll Thank You Luv :)
Sep 13 2023
Member: Tulip
Thank you so much, Zella. Awesome reading!
Sep 8 2023
Member: Tulip
Thank you so much, Zella. As always a great reading!
Sep 1 2023
Member: island
Zella, always the very best:) With much gratitude and love
Aug 25 2023
Member: Tulip
Thank you. Great reading!
Aug 24 2023
Member: User_813278
She does it EVERYTIME!! MY GIRLLLLLL right here... be ready for the truth shes THE BEST has helped me through some tuff times and to see things clearly. her prediictions do come true she also gives advice. Thank you Zella :)
Aug 22 2023
Member: Tulip
Awesome reading. Thank you so much, Zella!
Aug 20 2023
Member: User_2238942
Thank you again for your help. You give me hope and direction that I can't see at times. Your accuracy is solid and thank you again Zella Tarot!????????
Aug 19 2023

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