Member: User_1564905
No matter what I say it won’t be enough. thank you Kasandra
Jun 8 2023
Member: User_3335355
Thank you
May 14 2023
Member: Las
Thank you very Kasandra. I appreciate your insight.
May 14 2023
Member: Las
Thank you Kasandra!
May 5 2023
Member: Bscoxo
Thank you thank you thank you!! THAT WAS AMAZING!!!
Apr 30 2023
Member: User_3503919
She’s very in tune with you. She picked up on so much. Types fast to try and get the information to you. I recommend.
Apr 29 2023
Member: clinton
Very up front and honest
Apr 23 2023
Member: Neha99
Thank you always
Apr 15 2023
Member: SImoneann
Very good intense ty
Apr 9 2023
Member: Neha99
Sorry it cut off but thank you so much :)
Mar 22 2023

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