Member: Lili_1111
She’s extremely unclear. Starts by saying nothing will happen then says there’s a positive card coming up for a year from now when I ask what she means by positive she kind of just turns in circles. Nothing was clear it seems like this was such a waste of money. Not sure if there’s a language barrier but this was the worst reading I’ve ever had. Speaks about a trip when this has nothing to do with the subject im asking about. On top of that she is simply rude. What a weird reading, never again.
Jun 7 2023
Member: User_3377218
The best
Jun 7 2023
Member: amg
She really knows how to capture the moment and it is incredible and inspiring
Jun 4 2023
Member: User_9597927
Wish I had more time
Jun 3 2023
Member: User_1203771
She is great , very thorough
Jun 1 2023
Member: User_3503919
Very detailed reading. Ran out of funds but gave me the clarity I needed.
May 29 2023
Member: amg
Always in depth great to hear her wisdom
May 27 2023
Member: User_be3gn3
I have been dating this guy off and on and I was afraid to stand up to him out of fear that he would leave. She helped me figure out what to do and say to put him in his place so he would stop bossing me around and now he is eating out of my hand
May 27 2023
Member: User_3503919
She did a good job or laying out the cards and providing clear explanations.
May 24 2023
Member: User_8694768
May 22 2023

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