Member: User_6108124
deep thanks my lovely soul friend ! for your patience care presence prayers and so beautiful incarnation thank you may you always be protected and filled by divine love , thank you for being in service.
Nov 27 2023
Member: User_6517069
Very thoughtful and caring
Nov 23 2023
Member: User_6108124
just a moment but so beautiful to reconnect ! angel is an amazing heart ! thank you …!!!
Nov 19 2023
Member: Divinelove
Ángel has been helping me on my spiritual journey for many years and used her spiritual gift to bring in the most beautiful divine energies. It is very special and Ángel has that puré soul and genuine kind heart that makes sure your reading is blessed with integrity and insight. Angel shines bright like the star she is and let her gifts help you to connect with love and true wisdom. Thank you for being there for myself and everyone as all people need spiritual direction and guidance. Peace and blessings always.
Nov 17 2023
Member: User_239624
So I had demons, 4 very strong ones, I also have videos of them on my phone. Right away she showed me the exact demons that were in my life terrorizing me. I knew theyre was many and yes there was 4, she got rid of them easily all I had to do was sit there and be quiet
Nov 17 2023
Member: User_7342768
great and compassionate
Nov 15 2023
Member: User_1248947
Wonderful reader
Nov 14 2023
Member: User_2271964
Appreciate it.
Nov 13 2023
Member: User_9829511
Thanks very much Angel for your prayers , empathy and constant emotional support.
Nov 8 2023
Member: User_7224778
Very informative.
Nov 7 2023

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