Member: User_8987942
She’s wonderful & always makes me feel better after our sessions.
Sep 16 2021
Member: User_5617506
I was about to spiritual connect with my true love and felt this overwhelming feeling of joy. Very helpful thank you so much!!
Sep 16 2021
Member: User_7749418
Absolutely shocking what a waste of my money to tell me I have no major problems that all was said! really I mean I can charge someone to say alot of nonsense. Utter rip off con artist! Fuming.
Sep 15 2021
Member: User_263039
Sep 14 2021
Member: User_272195
not so Insightful
Sep 14 2021
Member: User_577028
Really went in deprh
Sep 11 2021
Member: User_7883671
Sep 9 2021
Member: User_1670016
I recommend, as Angel is able to intuitively sense certain circumstances, and bring accurate readings into your situation.
Sep 8 2021
Member: User_w5b4wm
She has been long time advisor to me, and has helped me to grow and blossom she looks out for u long term, very sweet and , fast connecting, she is great
Sep 8 2021
Member: User_7441798
Great reading
Sep 7 2021

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