Member: User_232528
good reading
Nov 15 2018
Member: Emilia
Pretty good reading, she is nice
Nov 14 2018
Member: grumpy-411
Beautiful reading 5 stars
Nov 14 2018
Member: User_5090792
Hopefully some truth for the amount it cost me!
Nov 12 2018
Member: mistresspage
Very honest
Nov 11 2018
Member: mboz
Gave great insight!
Nov 9 2018
Member: User_9124833
Nice and calming
Nov 7 2018
Member: User_1556471
Good advise
Nov 6 2018
Member: User_2000035
I feel serious closure that I have been needing for quite some time. Answers/path ways of free decision that I needed to know more deeply about which has helped me get that closure and look further than my worries. I feel a sense of what I am now doing and the path I take from here on is going to be a lot better than prior my reading.
Nov 3 2018
Member: maria
she is a great confort to me
Nov 3 2018

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