Member: Amalie
Two different conversations going on here, she would say something and I’d answer but she either wasn’t understanding me and forgotten what she’d literally just written or would be getting annoyed with me. I hate to leave a bad review but I feel compelled to when someone says you have not done xxxx and you have and the reason I’m here is to ask ..and gain clarity. And certainly not to be scalded when I try to explain.
Nov 26 2021
Member: User_657669
Amazing with my reading
Nov 25 2021
Member: User_5995286
Nov 24 2021
Member: User_8095555
Nov 23 2021
Member: User_6462894
I did the reading before but this time she was slow :( I ran out of all my funds
Nov 22 2021
Member: User_7944199
Very kind and compassionate
Nov 22 2021
Member: CICI
Nov 21 2021
Member: User_6636558
Insightful and honest, gave me great advice which is very helpful at a time I’m feeling uncertain
Nov 21 2021
Member: User_9950058
thank you :)
Nov 21 2021
Member: User_8095555
Nov 20 2021

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