Member: Ducontra
Excellent! Connected well to my situation and gave me good insight. Will definitely be back to chat.
Nov 28 2020
Member: User_5848552
Great reading
Nov 17 2020
Member: flame74
Nov 16 2020
Member: User_7065665
very good
Nov 16 2020
Member: flame74
sorry out of fund but always feel at eased after my session with Chris
Nov 6 2020
Member: Claudia L
Amazing. Right on the spot.
Nov 6 2020
Member: PKP12877
Thanks ???? Chris sorry I was disconnected I ran out of funds I hope everything will unfold soon will give some signs...I will keep you posted....
Oct 30 2020
Member: User_4401161
Oct 29 2020
Member: PKP12877
Hey ???? Chris you are awesome ??
Oct 19 2020
Member: User_3897996
Oct 18 2020

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