Member: User_hwzpjb
So sweet, quick to connect on each question asked. Give her a try! You will not be disappointed.
Jun 27 2018
Member: User_w4rsn7
She’s awesome
May 10 2018
Member: User_v94nr8
I’m calling ou right back, sorry for the abrupt end my balance ran out. SHE IS GREAT AND REAL!
May 1 2018
Member: Chelsea
Always honest.
Apr 11 2018
Member: Tom
Thank you
Mar 24 2018
Member: User_eddxbc
Vague. Didn't provide specific details or dates as mentioned in the reviews.
Mar 18 2018
Member: Dusty
She is very caring and honest, good reading.
Mar 6 2018
Member: User_d2wm9d
I love how detailed and helpful she was. Very helpful and honest reading
Mar 6 2018
Member: User_vdef3k
Very good reading. Hope she is right????????
Mar 6 2018
Member: Tanya
Helped me with a specific date lets see if it happens.. I will be back soon
Mar 2 2018

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