Member: New Beginnings
Thank you. Fast reading.
Jul 11 2020
Member: kitten84
Picked up on my being pregnant and we weren't even talking about that! I'm excited for the future and shes honest with her time frames which a greatly appreciate. Very good first reading with her
Jul 11 2020
Member: November13
Wow, love expert Ann she good. Had another reading from her. She good. If you are seeing this click an have a reading with this lady. Very accurate one of the BEST. Worth your money.Fast responding an honest. Double earnings new position around October. Had a issue with male friends an gave me good insights. Call this lady worth every dollars. You will see. Thank you??????????????????? ???????????
Jul 1 2020
Member: SNZ
Amazing reading, she made me feel so much better, thank you Ann
Jul 1 2020
Member: November13
She is excellent,amazing worth the money .I truly recommend her definitely call again. Every thing she said was accurate.Thank you Truly recommend her big hug
Jun 18 2020
Member: User_222766
Super fast! Will update
Jun 16 2020
Member: User_7561294
Great reading
Jun 15 2020
Member: User_nt3iyf
I have talked to her last year 1 time and till now everything panned out as she said. Accurate x
Jun 2 2020
Member: S1187
I will be in touch for an updated reading in 2 weeks Ann!! xo
May 24 2020
Member: Gemini76
She is G R E A T ! Made me feel much better! Super Quick Responses That Seem to Be On Point! Hopeful For the Future! Will Update As Things Come To Fruition!
May 23 2020

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