Member: Starlight
I'm not sure about this reading this time. It seemed repetitive and almost computerized. Typed out the exact same phrase twice, which seems a bit odd. As for the guy she went out on a different direction then what she had picked up the last time. This situation is a bit more complicated than what you said.
Jun 29 2019
Member: ipa3195
lovely reading
Jun 29 2019
Member: User_6pw69y
Ann is an amazing advisor. She can truly see the true situation and all the moving parts. I feel she is honest, that she cares and that she truly connects beyond the surface of the situation. Its nice to connect with someone who seems to have a good grasp on my situation. Five stars!
Jun 28 2019
Member: User_vj6yke
Thanks so much
Jun 18 2019
Member: User_8822053
She is amazing! Very quick, direct and honest as she sees it!! Thank you so much!!
Jun 18 2019
Member: Ela
Thank you so much <3
Jun 17 2019
Member: User_3544772
amazing ann:)thank you
Jun 17 2019
Member: User_578895
You made me feel a lot better thank you;)
Jun 15 2019
Member: User_6708370
Thank u very much will come back!
Jun 14 2019
Member: User_8431134
very insightful
Jun 11 2019

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