Member: User_9237977
Thank you Vik
Sep 27 2021
Member: User_710909
Super easy and spot on!
Sep 24 2021
Member: User_9990869
I have always received good advice. Twist I daughter in my past came true. I received good advice & have to be in the flow of it.
Sep 24 2021
Member: User_9408094
he was great! didn’t sugar coat anything told me exactly what i needed to hear.
Sep 24 2021
Member: User_2198754
I cried over the truth
Sep 24 2021
Member: User_9103146
I'm praying that this comes true ?
Sep 24 2021
Member: User_8740582
Sep 24 2021
Member: Momo
Nice Abe detail
Sep 23 2021
Member: geri
Consisten and insightful and accurate.
Sep 22 2021
Member: User_3750921
Thank you Vik! You are incredible.
Sep 21 2021

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