Member: User_2809687
Really liked her!
May 18 2023
Member: L123
thank you.
May 13 2023
Member: User_2308277
I think it was an okay reading. It was more hopeful but didnt fully match my situation. Timelines haven't been accurate for me personally. Predictions have been slightly off too. May be different for others so worth a shot. I will come back again to see if things pan out a bit better. Thanks for your time though!
Nov 7 2022
Member: User_8870258
Thank you for always being honest with me. Even if it hurts sometimes I appreciate you
Oct 6 2022
Member: User_8870258
She’s great!! Very straightforward, honest, no sugarcoating! I appreciate you!
Oct 5 2022
Member: User_462428
Thank you for the conversation
Oct 1 2022
Member: User_3507116
Very good
Sep 27 2022
Member: User_988074
Positive. She's not afraid to be detailed. She doesn't just say "yes or no" she gives all the in betweens. highly reccomend for anyone wanting a read on a specific person
Apr 24 2022
Member: Mich
Fast typerand clear. Thank u!
Apr 23 2022
Member: User_7659930
Best reading I've had here
Oct 1 2021

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