Member: User_4089735
Jul 21 2023
Member: User_8184132
Tiffany is the best! She is so accurate I couldn’t dare talk to anyone else
Apr 25 2023
Member: Hello
Amazing Ready. Looking forward to things to come in the near future.
Apr 14 2023
Member: User_9817063
wow great reading
Apr 1 2023
Member: User_2327643
Feb 8 2023
Member: User_2653192
Nov 30 2022
Member: User_5912481
She is honest and accurate
Nov 8 2022
Member: Jackiiee
Oooh noooo not what I wanted to hear! ;(( thanks for the honesty
Oct 25 2022
Member: User_2309250
10/10 would recommend
Sep 6 2022
Member: User_8275165
Have been talking to her fo few months now. Very supportive and sweet lady. hands down turned in with accuracy. Very honest as well
Aug 23 2022

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