Member: User_8574752
Apr 10 2024
Member: User_2777657
Apr 8 2024
Member: User_1472400
Fast response and honest
Apr 5 2024
Member: User_5678350
she was very kind and explained the situation very well
Apr 5 2024
Member: Tracy
Zoe is awesome, always direct and insightful. doesn't sugar coat, gives me the info I need to help make good decisions.
Apr 2 2024
Member: User_391524
Good, fast typer
Mar 31 2024
Member: User_1118512
very knowledgeable and helpful
Mar 30 2024
Member: User_9988896
Mar 29 2024
Member: User_629129
I intended to talk about another topic of my life and she simply focused only on my love life, seeing connections with people who don't exist, didn't help me at all and it was a wasted money and time
Mar 28 2024
Member: User_3351161
Always a pleasure to seek insight from her! Quick to respond and Fast typer, very well connected to me and I am sure to other individuals. I have used her for several years and she has proven to have accurate reads.
Mar 28 2024

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