Member: User_7055534
She is so accurate
Apr 19 2024
Member: User_2398240
Comforting reading and spot on ??
Apr 18 2024
Member: User_5922128
Thank you!
Apr 18 2024
Member: User_46430
Always Honest no sugar coating and always lets u know before if there is any change in our energies for past 2 time Isabelle said my energies or not fine lot of tense trust me i say this it exactly happens some or other way she always calms me down she response to my message understands what am going through my fav!!! i trust her with all my heart per visions are always always right good or bad
Apr 17 2024
Member: User_147158
You ALWAYS do you ALWAYS know? lol You are amazing and your gifts are rare and incredible. You're always so accurate and precise and all knowing. You help me each and every time with navigating and guiding me on this journey. THANK YOU
Apr 17 2024
Member: User_6922066
Thank you
Apr 16 2024
Member: User_5178422
She was very clear and insightful. Very sweet and kind as well. 10/10 service!
Apr 15 2024
Member: User_9899295
Great chat. Thank you so much
Apr 15 2024
Member: User_2903501
My perfect friend
Apr 15 2024
Member: DKie
She always give me a good advice
Apr 15 2024

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