Member: User_6095755
Thanks for your help!
Mar 2 2024
Member: User_7828372
Wonderful. Connects immediately. Honest and so helpful!
Feb 28 2024
Member: User_3931568
I really appreciate the session
Feb 6 2024
Member: User_5876060
Great advice. Connected well and gave me hope
Jan 29 2024
Member: User_7021056
Thanks for the listening. I ended this on 11:11. I'm so blessed
Jan 26 2024
Member: Kim
I am grateful for the support you gave today, It was much needed. I appreciate how quickly you did the cards and got back to me about them. Very grateful indeed!
Jan 18 2024
Member: User_3172257
Fantastic reading
Jan 17 2024
Member: User_3172257
Thanks so much - you eased my angst!!
Jan 15 2024
Member: User_7828372
So helpful. Connected right away. Thank you!!
Jan 7 2024
Member: User_7828372
Amber is amazing. Connects right away and honest feedback.
Jan 1 2024

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