Member: user_5517412
Thanks alot Fruno for your time
Aug 14 2022
Member: User_4538864
Always great
Aug 13 2022
Member: User_fzitwc
Thank you for the reading
Aug 13 2022
Member: User_1118539
Love him. One of the best. Accurate predictions.
Aug 12 2022
Member: User_3159147
Truly a magnificent magical person
Aug 11 2022
Member: User_9137042
On pooooint
Aug 11 2022
Member: User_4687706
Thanks as always
Aug 10 2022
Member: User_2329669
Aug 9 2022
Member: User_5891225
Fruno was very kind and left me feeling positive about my relationship. However, he mentioned that we were on a break which isn’t the case at all… He was able to successfully read my partner though.
Aug 9 2022
Member: User_4234320
Dear Fruno is super helpful, he cares and gives very clear guidance and suggestion too. I really enjoyed the reading and think I got real value.
Aug 7 2022

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