Member: User_8418336
I am so satisfied with this reading I didn’t even tell her my name or my partners name ... very highly recommend thank you so much!!
Jul 22 2020
Member: User_6892521
Everything she said really made sense thank you!
Jul 20 2020
Member: User_1510301
She’s so quick, honest and gives amazing clarity! I will chat with you soon! Thank you!
Jul 17 2020
Member: flame74
Straightforward and her!
Jul 13 2020
Member: c6cp1q
Jul 12 2020
Member: c6cp1q
Great as always!!!
Jul 5 2020
Member: t3727
Jul 3 2020
Member: User_5997768
Just amazing
Dec 11 2019
Member: Akcfn
Amazing ty
Dec 7 2019
Member: Dee
To the point & efficient
Dec 7 2019

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