Member: User_791196
I pray he’s right! He was fast at typing and responding
Feb 28 2024
Member: User_3572467
Felt as if I was talking to one of my friends about life and things in general. Insightful
Feb 27 2024
Member: User_2400952
Feb 27 2024
Member: User_8761793
Thank you!!! Great read
Feb 27 2024
Member: User_5184282
Loved it
Feb 24 2024
Member: Katrina
Great insight as always, straight to the point like I like it. Thanks
Feb 22 2024
Member: User_4k488q
Mystic calmed my heart. He gave me an answer to my questions and guided me in the direction I needed.
Feb 22 2024
Member: User_219836
Feb 22 2024
Member: Itsmeanna
Not happy at all.wasted much time.
Feb 22 2024
Member: User_3e3t5k
Thank you
Feb 22 2024

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