Member: zxrabbit
thank you for your advice!
Sep 30 2020
Member: User_6603228
Precise straight to the point
Sep 29 2020
Member: bpick100
Thank you Cristina. Always rational, positives and realistic. Appreciate this approach.
Sep 21 2020
Member: User_357780
Things just didn’t add up. As she was asking me for information, she was building on her reading. Not much as far as predictions and a strong connection are concerned. Then information was changing as the reading progressed. So what she said at the start, completely changed in the end. When I’d point that out and question it, a totally new prediction would be given. The reading if you can call it that was all over the place.
Sep 20 2020
Member: User_1963892
Sep 8 2020
Member: User_7115396
Cristina is always right .... ALWAYS lol so I keep coming back because sometimes we just need that reassurance everything will be ok
Sep 5 2020
Member: Marcia
great job as usual
Sep 4 2020
Member: ron
Well-connected and saying the facts.
Sep 3 2020
Member: User_6484263
Amazingly accurate
Sep 3 2020
Member: bpick100
Always insightful!
Aug 31 2020

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