Member: User_7583837
Mar 19 2019
Member: haylieadam
Great. To the point. Detailed.
Mar 19 2019
Member: POPOY
Mar 19 2019
Member: virgo2
Very kind and sincere
Mar 18 2019
Member: User_9369604
Such a nice lady ! I love her readings
Mar 17 2019
Member: virgo2
Excellent visionary love her
Mar 16 2019
Member: User_6667807
Spot on
Mar 15 2019
Member: virgo2
Good info
Mar 14 2019
Member: garnet
This psychic is the best psychic I've ever spoken to. Her timing has been spot-on. I listed my house in October -- she said it would sell by mid-December. It closed 12/17. And she guided me how much to come down on my price. At first I didn't believe her but she was proving to be right over and over again. This is only one example of her predictions coming true.
Mar 14 2019
Member: laqueda23
Mar 14 2019

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