Member: User_8006695
Great Reading!
Aug 8 2019
Member: User_8006695
Thanks great reading!
Aug 7 2019
Member: rj543192
Ben was very helpful.He was accurate and picked up on my situation well.He was very well connected and now hoping his prediction comes through.
May 5 2019
Member: Aileen818
Truly Amazing!!! No matter how many times I talk to him every single time he leaves me and Ahhh!!!! He knows his stuff he is the real deal!!! I have no doubt that everything he told me will come to pass :)
Mar 7 2019
Member: Aileen818
he was truly amazing picked up on everything right away to the smallest details didn't have to say much there was something about him that made me feel so much peace. so glad I was bale to find and he will be the only one I will go to now!!! you are the BEST Ben I cant say thank you enough!!!!
Mar 6 2019
Member: User_8697669
ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING. will definitely be back.
Feb 21 2019
Member: User_vjbpz3
Had to end the call...too much time...sorry, good reading
Oct 4 2018
Member: Abc
Thank you once more. I'm coming back to you for sure once these predictions pass. So far I am believing them as you sound very accurate
Sep 18 2018
Member: Abc
Thank you . I will keep you informed
Sep 17 2018
Member: User_inzpb7
Two years we have talked. Sift through the carnival psychics and in the end there may on this whole site be 3 true clairvoyants. Ben is one. The first time I talked to him years ago I said my name is XXXXX. He said you are calling about a girl and she lives in either Greece or Italy. She lived in Italy. He told me how she looked and more. I never said a word. He is always right correct and incredible. Please do not waste your time. Call him ge sees it all. He has told me things I did not like. I found out later he was correct. Ben you are my friend... Merci beaucoup mon ami Talk again soon
Apr 15 2018

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