Member: User_473722
She was very good
Jan 17 2020
Member: User_1306808
Jan 17 2020
Member: User_1109861
Jan 16 2020
Member: User_1009868
Said some very honest things very satisfied
Jan 16 2020
Member: User_7662058
Honest and spot on
Jan 15 2020
Member: crafter
Always a pleasure to talk to Safina!
Jan 15 2020
Member: User_5106625
So thorough and thoughtful!! Gave me so much detail and told me the truth straight off the bat!
Jan 15 2020
Member: User_7688210
Safina is great !!! Realistically right on !
Jan 14 2020
Member: User_2qxxd9
Great but running it of funds
Jan 14 2020
Member: User_4802339
Jan 13 2020

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