Member: User_3812996
She is amazing. Always very honest, but caring.
Nov 30 2023
Member: User_6065173
Very helpful
Nov 30 2023
Member: User_9205685
Love how she always goes into detail. Thank you Safina
Nov 28 2023
Member: User_6001636
Thank you - sorry we got cut off
Nov 28 2023
Member: ksh19
SaFFy is truly one of the BeSt there is. She is a gReaT listener and aLwaYs takes time to explain her insights in detail. She is my FaV!!
Nov 27 2023
Member: Jeff111
horrible reading!....took two minutes of my funds just to tell me generic information not really pyschic material....gimme my refund back terrible
Nov 26 2023
Member: User_1893813
Safina, Is truly one of the most genuine card readers I have met here on this site. Always truthful and sincere.
Nov 25 2023
Member: User6598
Great reader and always very informative.
Nov 25 2023
Member: User_5559854
Safina told me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. She stood firm on her advice on what I need to do. I appreciate her.
Nov 24 2023
Member: User_9119151
yes, outstanding, informative, always a pleasure to talk to you and understand what's happening.
Nov 24 2023

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