Member: Tracy
Another great reading, positive and realistic at the same time. Really helpful. Never forgets a detail from our last check in. Helps me make good decisions with the extra insight he provides.
Apr 22 2024
Member: User_1998879
Apr 19 2024
Member: User_4720583
Hmmmm let’s see….:…
Apr 18 2024
Member: User_7223942
thank you
Apr 15 2024
Member: Tracy
Wow, amazing. Gives me hope and grounds me at the same time. Thank you!
Apr 11 2024
Member: User_1813407
I appreciate the reading and now I can focus on my future business
Apr 8 2024
Member: User_8061397
I cannot wait to talk to him again soon, thank you
Apr 7 2024
Member: User_9277632
Love the positive energy
Apr 5 2024
Member: User_8041213
I think the advisor was thorough with what he had.
Apr 4 2024
Member: User_6335455
Thank u
Apr 4 2024

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