Member: Eva
Thank you!
May 23 2019
Member: Rick
May 20 2019
Member: none
excellent, strong relationship connection
May 19 2019
Member: anhp3757
Great reading !
May 19 2019
Member: User_3141671
Great and accurate
May 18 2019
Member: Eva
Very good reading and seems timelines are working out perfectly!
May 15 2019
Member: EllieMilla
May 15 2019
Member: User_5120307
Not convinced she made a connection. Said I was being sent positive energies from him. I struggle every day with my loss and feel very negative and angry most of the time. Repeated her messages and in the end contradicted herself - said he would only give messages to me in my dreams and only other way was to talk to a psychic. Given I found this advisor under psychic medium category.... I am more than a little confused and annoyed. I understand contact can not always be made on demand but I appreciate being told that up front before both time and money are wasted.
May 14 2019
Member: Eva
Thank you!
May 10 2019
Member: User_7494355
Had to run- thank you!
May 9 2019

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