Member: S.Jeevanantham
May 21 2024
Member: User_7126170
Sir is excellent in his reading
May 17 2024
Member: User_3113060
Thanks so much for your input.
May 15 2024
Member: User_4652923
Super slow did not respond wasted my money
May 14 2024
Member: User_3113060
A lot of good clarity and insight. Thank you! Hope it all goes as predicted :)
May 9 2024
Member: User_zw47di
Awesome and always helpful
May 7 2024
Member: User_x9cevi
best out here.
May 1 2024
Member: User_9653206
Apr 29 2024
Member: Nostalgia74
Thanks for your insight. You have helped
Apr 26 2024
Member: User_esrqci
He’s persistent and helpful. He sees what ours see and don’t try to take advantage… But tries to bring out your best you. People like him are forever bless because they bless others. Thank you, Be Blessed!
Apr 26 2024

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