Member: User_8458766
great guidance
Apr 8 2020
Member: LADYLU
Thank D...check your mail
Apr 7 2020
Member: User_iv9rhw
I just adore Donavan, always has such wise things to say and I like his straightforward nature. Thank you
Apr 5 2020
Member: User_4643911
Thank you so much Donovan! I needed your reassurance.
Apr 4 2020
Member: Chelsea
It's great to update with you. Thanks for the honesty and I will know how to proceed.
Apr 4 2020
Member: User_kussingkate
Thank you, D!
Apr 4 2020
Member: User_8947487
Always supportive
Apr 4 2020
Member: User_7777820
Wow. Wowowowow. Super specific, very gentle and sweet, tells it like it is.
Apr 3 2020
Member: User_2263011
my rock....
Apr 2 2020
Member: User_8311386
Apr 1 2020

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