Member: User_5422810
Apr 14 2021
Member: User_5526821
Awesome human being, straight to the point.
Apr 14 2021
Member: User_32417
Apr 13 2021
Member: User_9007884
God talk
Apr 13 2021
Member: User_3610271
Barely replies
Apr 13 2021
Member: Limbo
Too general
Apr 11 2021
Member: Kim
Very responsive and accurate.
Apr 11 2021
Member: User_7548888
Very good
Apr 10 2021
Member: Mzveetee
So disappointed, was not able to pick up on connection this tome so makes me believe her last reading he will be back is false. Now she sayimg me and poi have greeat connection but his past has a curse on him and trying to get us to break up... relationship ended alreadycand we have no connection since December.. :( now im left so hurt... she trying to say i need to undo spell ... not right though. Her previous reading said he completely opposite that he would-be back to me and was going thru personal issues
Apr 9 2021
Member: User_6424284
Very great!!!
Apr 8 2021

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