Member: User_3527531
Nov 28 2023
Member: User_7590610
Slow to type back. Fair insight. Time will tell.
Nov 26 2023
Member: User_3045940
Nov 26 2023
Member: User_5853521
Took a lot of time to answer questions with too many pauses. It was okay though. Thanks for the help. Would have been better if response time was faster. Thanks
Nov 26 2023
Member: tksv
very slow connection, 7 minutes and I couldnt get much answers :(
Nov 26 2023
Member: User_3115963
Always find a way to get me a valuable reading in spite of the technical difficulties. Thank you again.
Nov 26 2023
Member: User_wjgu9i
good reading
Nov 26 2023
Member: User_2688674
Great work
Nov 26 2023
Member: User_7644189
Thank you my love you you are so nice you put a smile on my face thank you so much hope you can make the others smile on their faces ????????you are the best 100% recommended ????????????????????
Nov 25 2023
Member: User_9012446
she's gifted it, amazing.she help me with my issues I face right now,thank you soooo much
Nov 24 2023

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