Member: User_9269583
Lily was absolutely incredible. This was my first reading with her and I think it was the best reading I have ever had. She was to the point, detailed and fast. Lily asked no questions, yet she knew everything and gave me so much clarity. Good, honest, solid reading. Thankyou Lily!
Apr 11 2023
Member: User_vpys5s
Her involvement in the whole process and reading is just incredible! The level of details she provides and their accuracy is just outstanding! She is very honest and even if the reading is not what you want to hear she will always guide you with good advices and suggestions. She worked really fast but that did not compromise the quality of the reading in any way. Would definitely recommend Lilly to everyone on Kasamba
Mar 28 2023
Member: User_7035485
Lilly is so lovely. She picked up on A LOT and was so quick to reply and connect. Highly recommend and I’m glad I was able to catch her. So fab.
Jul 28 2022
Member: User_5138652
Lilly is so sweet and warm and is very professional and very responsive! I took an email reading, first time client and I am so happy when I got the email. So detailed and I feel from now on I have something very solid to help to discover myself , to cultivate the love for myself. Thank you so much, Lilly. I will come back again!
Mar 16 2022
Member: Tina
Lilly's readings are unique, and are getting to who you are at the core, and how to get to be the best you. She has a PhD and that is shown in the eloquence with which the message is written.I'm blown away by the accuracy of the message, the advice and lessons that were given. I hope more people will get the chance to get the help they need from Lilly - she is so worth it.
Mar 8 2022
Member: Tina
Absolutely amazing! You will not find someone who can read with so much depth energies as Lilly does. I have been for years trying to put into words my situation, to myself and others, always falling short of finding the right words and seeing the clarity. Lilly did that for me, with such an eloquent, very detailed (few pages!) and thorough email reading which I will re-read again and again, for certain -- just as I did the first time I had a reading from her, a few years back. It seems as the time passes, you discover new layers of truth, the message opens your eyes more. I'm grateful, I have no doubt that anyone who gets a reading with Lilly will be blown away. The reading worths so much more than her fee.
Mar 7 2022
Member: User_SS
Lilly is a MUST Call…. She is very fast picking up information, told me right away poi is afraid of his feelings because they’re so strong (Boom). Lilly is very friendly to speak with and respectful to your time & funds. I highly recommend this reader and I will be returning. Love & Light
Mar 5 2022
Member: User_951285
First time talking with Lilly, and for sure not the last. She went straight in about the ongoing situation, gave so many details I know to be true (and some new). She was very honest, open, non-judgmental, and very kind. I wish I could talk to her for much longer as she really knows what is going on. Thank you Lilly!
Mar 2 2022
Member: User_8136210
Lilly went above and beyond both during and after my reading!! She truly is a Godsend & is a very caring person that goes out of her way to help you!!! I’m in the process of going through IVF & she truly has been a source of hope & encouragement during a very difficult process in my life! She truly does care about you & has a genuine interest in your well being. Reach out to her if you truly need a light/guidance in whatever you may be going through! I’m certainly glad I did!!
Jan 3 2022
Member: victoriaseun
Great reading. I can't put everything into words, but I'll return with updates.
Jun 1 2020

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