Member: User_702818
Lilly is an outstanding advisor and person!!! Her readings are extremely detailed and insightful blowing your mind with the amazing amount of depth and accuracy she provides. Lillys warm and compassionate approach places her in a league of her own. She is an integral advisor who deeply cares for her clients and this can be seen by her generous offer of inviting her clients to reach out anytime they need any support. The difference between Lilly and other advisors is that she actually keeps her word by following through with the offer. Her replies are thorough and in depth, rather than attempts like other advisors to try and get you to have more paid sessions. Lilly you're a true healer and a gift to many!! Thank you dearly for your guidance and support xxx
Oct 5 2019
Member: User_3401900
Wow, so much insight, very understanding, no judgement, clear and easy, friendly warm person, highly recommended
Sep 4 2019
Member: JoAnn
OMG she is absolutely amazing. This was my second call in two days and if there was no money attached to it I would probably still be talking to her. She is like talking to a sister. She is so compassionate, caring and can exactly see what is going on with me right not. If you are going through a difficult time or just need some reassurance she is definitely the one that you need to speak to. She can make you feel so safe and secure but she doesn't sugar coat anything. She has opened up my beliefs to new heights and I have been consumed with getting as much information on it as possible. That you Lilly you are the best.
Aug 31 2019
Member: Sunny13
Lilly you gave me hope thank you. It was a Great reading I truly believe in you. An I will be in contact as soon as one off tour prediction come. Wow. I be honest I recommend her. She fast in her respond I rather paid a little more an get an amazing reading. Is your money worth. 5 BEAUTIFUL STARS.
Aug 30 2019
Member: JoAnn
She was the absolute best. She explained to me exactly what was going on in my situation and I totally understand what has been happening to me for over the last three years. Her interest in her clients is the best I have ever seen. She followed up with me via email the next with more detailed information. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to really find out about their life. She is worth her money and more. Lily your the best thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me see the light. You will definitely be hearing from me again.
Aug 30 2019
Member: User_5221967
She’s incredible, gets down to the nitty gritty of the situation. She’s clear and honest and that the most important thing about a reading with her. She definitely made sense of everything for me and I’m so very grateful for that! Highly recommended .
Aug 10 2019
Member: Pandabear
This was a wonderful reading - very detailed and compassionate. Lilly picked up on things I know to be true, so I know her reading is accurate. Thanks for the effort and care you put into this Lilly!
Aug 9 2019
Member: User_7317953
Lily is kind and picks up fast on all matters. She is able to tune into the situation and help you were the problem is. She will help and guide you and tell you things and shed light on the situation. She is compassionate and right on spot. My situation is very difficult and I didn't have to give any information for she knew everything and tuned into it really quick and see a future for me and my guy. Thank you lily for your support. Her guides shed light on the situation
Aug 3 2019
Member: tarheelpsych
Amazingly thorough, detailed and insightful. Lilly provided an 8 page reading to my single question that perfectly highlighted my experience over the past 8 months with my POI. She provided guidance for me personally, as well as in relation to the future. I'm still in awe processing.
Jun 19 2019
Member: Romi
Thank you for the complete and detailed information! There's a lot of info and advice on the subject I asked, thanks so much!! Many blessings
Jun 14 2019

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