Member: User_5613987
Sep 18 2023
Member: User_9129564
She knows the dates even amazing
Sep 18 2023
Member: notanymore
Has yet to get a prediction wrong :)
Sep 17 2023
Member: Den
thank you very much for your insights, especially your caring! I will come back when he's back to update you.
Sep 17 2023
Member: User_66527
Once again quick, remembered me, and so thankful for your guidance and encouragement!
Sep 13 2023
Member: User_9081218
Great talking to her will see what happens
Sep 12 2023
Member: Guppy
Sep 12 2023
Member: Matt
Excellent insight, great advice, and a bold prediction. Will be back to update. Highly recommended!
Sep 11 2023
Member: User_vri3c5
I came across Magie at 6AM (KST) lost of all hope, and basically asking God for a harsh truth that I needed to hear at this point after struggling to connect with almost 7x psychics. I still wasn’t satisfied. It was a super lonely night, but I remember my first reading with Magie. I felt as if someone had come, and sat next to me in the pitch black. I could sort of imagine her face through her chats. She immediately nailed the timeframe of my significant other’s return and his dating habits. Something that struck me very deep is how she reached out to me whenever she felt a strong sign from her spirit guides. I never had a psychic care so much about their clients, until I came across Magie. After our call, I let out a huge breath of relief. Having trouble? You’re in the right place. Need someone to hear you? You’ve been guided to her for a reason.
Sep 9 2023
Member: Claudia
Thank you for Andy, is happy as you said!
Sep 7 2023

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