Member: User_9163322
All I can say is wow! So much info and detail. So awesome to be able to speak with someone that can give such detail. I mean I know there are other good readers out there. However, most cannot give certain details about what’s going to take place in the future or how things will ultimately change. I honestly can say at this point I don’t see how she sees those things changing because of the situation now. But I’ll have to wait and see how things move forward.
Jun 30 2022
Member: User_zw47di
She’s awesome, accurate and responds quickly. I enjoyed my reading
Jun 29 2022
Member: User_7844599
awesome reading
Jun 29 2022
Member: User_4ziacv
Thorough and genuine
Jun 14 2022
Member: julita
funds ran out. Many thanks for the great reading. you answered my questions. Rhelp can you just finish your very last thought for me? it stopped in the middle of it. thanks so much!. Im so glad you contacted back. Many blessings.
Jun 12 2022
Member: mcase
This was probably the best reading I have had on here in years!! Thank you so much for the clarity ~ that's priceless!!
Jun 10 2022
Member: User_9479984
I felt she did connect well to my situation and gave some clarity that helps me deal with it.
Jun 10 2022
Member: User_2936556
Thank you
Jun 10 2022
Member: User_1869658
Jun 9 2022
Member: julita
so glad i got you rhelp. thanks so much. this info is helping me. Blessings.
Jun 9 2022

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