Member: User_1310702
Apr 12 2024
Member: Uks
amazing as always
Apr 11 2024
Member: tweety830
always accurate
Apr 11 2024
Member: User_1002970
She did not respond my previous messages maybe we lost connection
Apr 9 2024
Member: flywheel
Thank you so much Pat! I truly appreciate your help.
Apr 8 2024
Member: User6598
Apr 8 2024
Member: User_8891056
Amazing!!! Right in spot!!
Apr 7 2024
Member: Sweet P
Great session with Pat as she’s truly gifted and talented and always right on point!
Apr 7 2024
Member: confusedsoul48
She's really quick and gives clear direction on how I should handle the tricky situation i'm in currently. Alot of what she said was really spot on as well without me giving her much information. Thank you so much for the guidance Pat!
Apr 7 2024
Member: Uks
Apr 6 2024

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