Member: Jo C
Thank you so much again, lovely to see you back and appreciate the good advice and encouragement as always. You have helped me so much and I look forward to when we next connect again.
Sep 2 2023
Member: FMG
complete waste of mt time and money
Aug 10 2022
Member: Jo C
I am so grateful to Laurie for her insight and great advice. She also gave me some very good advice a few months ago. Initially I was not sure about it but I observed and then acted accordingly to what she saw and the result have been transformational. Thank you so much, Laurie. I truly appreciate you.
Jul 8 2022
Member: Margot
Thank you.
Jan 19 2022
Member: Jo C
Amazing as always. Thank you again for your sound advice and insight.
Sep 19 2021
Member: User_221897
thank you laurie. i can still feel you here with me
Mar 9 2021
Member: User_5331309
Thank you very much Laurie! Love and Blessings to you!
Jan 15 2021
Member: DishJ
Thanks Dr Laurie! Ill keep pointed towards true north and not worry about whats going on around me!
Dec 16 2020
Member: DishJ
Thanks Dr Laurie!!! Great to catch up and get your accurate insights! We knew this period was coming because you told me about it and that helps me to weather this period.
Dec 7 2020
Member: ellenskyy
Thanks Laurie for an insightful reading! I appreciated how quick you were to tune into each question and situation :)
Nov 28 2020

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