Member: User_mev2wc
Thank you!!
Jul 15 2018
Member: User_4488054
honest :)
Jul 13 2018
Member: User_7999173
Good one
Jul 9 2018
Member: User_3010983
Gives me hope!
Jul 8 2018
Member: User_ysqtab
THANK YOU SO MUCH, ANN!!!! I was feeling really down and urgent to reach out to you and Thank you for your suggestion and give me the strength and encouragement to make an action. No matter what happens, I keep in mind be POSITIVE. That's what I learned tonight. And I feel so much relax right now. Sometimes things probably is not what we thinking, being positive def will bring a huge change. If you read my reviews, please try her! She will light your tunnel.
Jul 4 2018
Member: User_1090675
Good reading, honest and insightful
Jul 3 2018
Member: Danielle
Thanks for the details and hope to continue hanging on to this. Definitely confirms what I’ve been seeing. Thanks very much :)
Jun 30 2018
Member: Beth
Jun 29 2018
Member: User_ysqtab
thank you!
Jun 27 2018
Member: punks
Sorry ran out of funds... very good
Jun 20 2018

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