Member: User_6300341
Fun reader but gets to honest reading. lively conversation and his experience def shows...Thank you sir :)
Jul 12 2020
Member: User_7048731
He's quick and friendly
Jul 8 2020
Member: FLgirl
My go to! Great
Jul 8 2020
Member: User_1099838
good suggestions
Jun 15 2020
Member: FLgirl
He was ok. I had to keep redirecting the reading back to me and my POI as I'm paying by the minute. He wanted to small talk which I felt wasted a lot of my time. Nice reader thought
Jun 14 2020
Member: B 777
Always great
Jun 12 2020
Member: User_7926563
Great reading
Jun 8 2020
Member: User_545677
Great session
Jun 7 2020
Member: B 777
May 25 2020
Member: User_7064219
May 23 2020

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