Member: User_bk3tid
Jul 21 2020
Member: Nicole
Always wonderful advice. XOXO
Jul 21 2020
Member: Nicole
I would give Paul 6-stars if I could. Unbelievable what he knew before i even told him. Thank you SO MUCH!
Jul 10 2020
Member: User_9652623
Very good
Jul 10 2020
Member: User_9137042
Nice reading!
Jul 8 2020
Member: User_1470536
Great! Good conversation
Jul 1 2020
Member: User_8091089
Reading was Centered around my past husband in the description given him was not accurate at all.
Jul 1 2020
Member: Bhavana
It was a helpful and healthy discussion.
Jun 23 2020
Member: User_1606963
Thank you :)
Jun 21 2020
Member: User_6666729
pretty good
Jun 20 2020

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