Member: User_1087468
Thank you! Very helpful
Sep 9 2023
Member: User_2498770
He is fast at connecting. He is honest. Give a very good advice. I feel clearer every time i talk to him
Aug 8 2023
Member: User_4200014
Great reading! His predictions come true
Aug 2 2023
Member: User_2498770
Always on point. He can understand you. He can see the situation very fast. He can answer the question on your head to straight to the point. I have been asking for clarity once I talked to him i got it
Jul 29 2023
Member: User_1457528
Really great reading. Answers straight to the point and is very reasonable and honest and in tune. Thank you
Jul 28 2023
Member: User_2498770
He can connect very fast. Very positive. Give a very good advice to me. Honestl and caring and gentle with your heart. Even if i am very down after talking to him I find a light at the end of the tunnel. Encourage you to be a good perso. Really very beautiful soul.
Jul 27 2023
Member: Katie
Started in tears. Ended with laughter. That should say everything. Dear …kind …….gifted…. ??????
Jul 26 2023
Member: User_1511892
Jul 25 2023
Member: User_3633690
im amazed by how accurate the reading was that this man had for me he was spot on and i cannot wait to see if the reunion happens ,,,hopefully soon thank you again for everything!!
Jul 22 2023
Member: User_36186
Poor reading
Jul 22 2023

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