Member: User_9831505
fast typer and gave very clear explanations!
Apr 24 2024
Member: User_1016784
Good and straight to the point
Apr 23 2024
Member: User_7828372
Amber is excellent, fast, accurate and honest even when it’s hard to hear. Thank you!
Apr 22 2024
Member: User_3803810
Connect quickly
Apr 21 2024
Member: PACHGE
Thanks for the encouraging words.
Apr 20 2024
Member: User_3803810
Great and to the point
Apr 20 2024
Member: pugmommy
So nice to catch up! AL has always been honest with me and given it to me straight. Everything in the past was correct. She is WONDERFUL to talk to!
Apr 19 2024
Member: User_7828372
Amber is accurate and fast!! Thank you!!
Apr 18 2024
Member: User_3695520
Very helpful. Thank you
Apr 17 2024
Member: User_5907214
she is so sweet and thoughtful!!
Apr 17 2024

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