Member: User_1820244
I felt very comfortable and comforted by this experience and will be back. Thank you ??
Apr 15 2021
Member: User_4456961
She was amazing. She doesn’t play around she gets right to the point and tells you directly how it should be but very positively. Never felt that anywhere else to be honest.
Apr 14 2021
Member: User_9041162
She always makes me feel better!
Apr 14 2021
Member: User_ge9uq9
very good thank you
Apr 14 2021
Member: Chevy
Thank you
Apr 14 2021
Member: User_7999999
She was so dead on about my relation shop that I couldn’t evenkeep my happiness inside love her ??
Apr 13 2021
Member: User_5828123
Thanks for your amazing reading and advise
Apr 13 2021
Member: user23456
very accurate about poi, and detailed without me telling her any information.
Apr 13 2021
Member: babe
Apr 13 2021
Member: GinaB
Very informative :)
Apr 13 2021

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