Member: Vidya
thank you so much
Sep 22 2023
Member: User_4892469
Ran out of time but it was amazing! Thank you
Sep 22 2023
Member: Ebarso
Love her!
Sep 20 2023
Member: User_3733983
I love her, I was so skeptical about trying this and I'm genuinely so glad I did.
Sep 18 2023
Member: User_6477345
She was great at talking me through my dilemma and accurate with all feelings and POI involved
Sep 17 2023
Member: Skyline
I enjoyed chatting
Sep 15 2023
Member: User_q2vw2r
Sep 15 2023
Member: User_1127271
She was great, was very understanding and knew about some of my insecurities and past troubles
Sep 11 2023
Member: User_4342536
Elizabeth is quick, and everything resonates. I appreciate your readings, they help me tremendously xoxo
Sep 10 2023
Member: Ba17
It was good session. I am satisfied.
Sep 6 2023

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