Member: User_9409516
Helpful and motivated me
May 31 2023
Member: User_8876305
I am sorry :(
May 31 2023
Member: User_3503919
As always, terrific. She knows the situation and provides details that align without her having to ask for information. I appreciate her so much.
May 31 2023
Member: User_8656750
Wow!! She is amazing!!! I asked a generic question without giving any details and she knew all the details and proceeded to tell them to me. We aren’t talking vague things either. She had details. And…she made me laugh. What she was saying wasn’t all hearts and flowers, though she was putting things ever so gently, but she was blunt. I would highly recommend this woman. Wow…wow…wow! Still stunned at all she knew.
May 30 2023
Member: User_7482224
She knows things. Hit my situation head on and knew details I didn’t even share with her. She’s amazing beyond belief
May 30 2023
Member: User_5906591
She was straight forward and on point
May 29 2023
Member: User_5882266
She was so great, and very straightforward with everything i was asking her. i will speak with her again
May 29 2023
Member: User_6961651
thank you so much
May 24 2023
Member: User_5692472
The best
May 24 2023
Member: User_5yti7h
Always on point
May 22 2023

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