Member: melissa
Amazing as always a true life partner and friend for sure
Jan 24 2021
Member: User_1865450
I found my guardian angel that helped me connect with my best friend soul that I really missed a lot with true and good heart I can feel her positive energy that really connected so easy with my earth angel friend. What a good feeling and nice experience that I won’t forget Thank for helping me Thanks for messaging me with really care and understanding Can’t thank you enough till we reconnect again Bye for now ????
Jan 24 2021
Member: melissa
She is always so good at keeping me focused and calm
Jan 22 2021
Member: melissa
love how even when inhavent connected with her shenknows whenni need. her guidance
Jan 18 2021
Member: User_8394086
OMG.. I didn't even get into full details and she nailed it. Love her
Jan 17 2021
Member: melissa
she has been a true blessing in my life a true soul. sister.
Jan 16 2021
Member: User_9283228
Hope prediction happens
Jan 15 2021
Member: melissa
Jan 13 2021
Member: melissa
she connected to.y. father in law that i have never met and i was blown away with the accuracing thimg i never once etioned
Jan 11 2021
Member: melissa
I am. completly obsessed with you are the best thing to happen to me I was at the bottom. of the cliff and she has given. be the ability to see life and light through the dark and given me the ability to know that my inner beauty is what makes my. husbamd love me not my appearance. so thankful. to have come to this page and read through the reviews fate brought me to her and here I am I cannot get enough
Jan 9 2021

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