Member: User_wpf47a
Got really good insight. Got correct reading from her
Feb 25 2024
Member: User_879189
My favorite ??
Feb 23 2024
Member: User_4x7iux
Always apleasure! And always spot on!
Feb 22 2024
Member: User_4526831
Always appreicate her
Feb 15 2024
Member: Guppy
Feb 12 2024
Member: Guppy
she's very very special - she'll read you and/or anyone else like a book, so hang on tight.
Feb 12 2024
Member: Lili_1111
So so good she’s phenomenal and reads the energies like no others!!! Accurate bout it all since always. I feel like reading after readings her accuracy and detailing of the energies just gets sharper. You truly miss something if you don’t try her out!!!! What an angel
Feb 8 2024
Member: Guppy
Feb 5 2024
Member: User_2859384
Great read! Very intuitive and a fast typist. Thank you so much for your gift!
Feb 4 2024
Member: Janyce
Such a great reading, I just had log back in for a continuation. Today Rozzebud provided me with a tremendous amount of info on holistic and spiritual issues and really made me open my eyes to so much I had not been aware of. If you want a reading that really and truly can help you evolve and develop your own internal insight and connect with your own spiritual guides, try out Rozzebud.
Feb 4 2024

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