Member: Joe
Makes sense to me
Apr 23 2024
Member: User_7966783
Thank you Rozalia.
Apr 21 2024
Member: User_3827418
Thank you for your advice!waiting for final outcome but glad you see progress.
Apr 10 2024
Member: User_4925315
Very nice, gave a lot of detail
Apr 1 2024
Member: Tmkinla
Quick connection and details. Thank you!
Mar 30 2024
Member: User_4526831
Rozalia was awesome and her diction came true. I have been her client for a few years now. Always will be
Mar 29 2024
Member: User_879189
My go to ?????? thank you!!!
Mar 28 2024
Member: Vidya
thank you
Mar 21 2024
Member: Tmkinla
Quick to pick up and details ! Thank you :)
Mar 20 2024
Member: User_5563274
She is good, thank you
Mar 18 2024

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