Member: User_9301248
Jun 29 2022
Member: User_1676682
This is my first reading and I am happy with how much he was able to pick up. Thank you for your guidance and I will chat again soon.
Jun 28 2022
Member: User_4894468
Always perfect
Jun 28 2022
Member: User_3165452
Jun 28 2022
Member: User_7539946
Good reading
Jun 28 2022
Member: User_5sazcq
Jun 28 2022
Member: User_ezyzq5
Jun 27 2022
Member: girl
thank you my friend for being there
Jun 27 2022
Member: User_4809067
Connected fast with my situation .Am hopeful all pans out
Jun 27 2022
Member: User_1022395
thanks.. 2.5 yrs later he keeps saying its any day soon and same advcice not a single thing has progressed towards positibe.. infact it has been the exact opposite of everything he has said.
Jun 27 2022

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