Member: hfjtsi
thank u so much Rani
Aug 12 2020
Member: Julie
nothing came of this experience
Aug 11 2020
Member: Carmen
Thank you for everything. Predictions have come true in the past. Well stay in contact :)
Aug 11 2020
Member: User_3604804
She said my soulmate will come back but he haven’t left yet
Aug 10 2020
Member: Essence
very positive experience
Aug 10 2020
Member: User_2753921
I was pleased w her reading
Aug 9 2020
Member: User_5575970
She is prompt in telling her analysis
Aug 9 2020
Member: User_9909952
Aug 9 2020
Member: User_3972687
Was interesting... hope she is rite. It is what I wanted to hear. And I didn’t give her any information.
Aug 9 2020
Member: User_b5f4gi
Aug 8 2020

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