Member: User_8340903
it was very surface in my opinion. I was hoping to get more detailed insight. And maybe that's the limits of being in an online chat.
Jul 16 2018
Member: User_4596699
Thank you I wish I could have spoke to you longer but you did put my mind at ease
Jul 15 2018
Member: User_txz29v
The best
Jul 15 2018
Member: MissCaramel
She really great and sweet
Jul 13 2018
Member: Mesa
thank you!
Jul 13 2018
Member: Sarah T
Love herrr
Jul 13 2018
Member: User_7575249
Jul 12 2018
Member: User_6771360
Amazing !!!
Jul 10 2018
Member: User_7674556
Was good and will give 5 stars if her prediction is correct..
Jul 9 2018
Member: User_4662479
Jul 9 2018

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